The first update of the Smileys set

March 07, 2019By Jan KovaříkUpdates

The first update of the Smileys set

Here we're, with the first update of this year and also very first update for the new Smileys set. This update 1.1, brings a total of 20 brand new icons, including some new roles, such as: cowboy, ninja or clown! As always, this update is available right now and free of charge, for all previous owners.

You may find more details of this update inside a changelog.txt file, in a root folder of this set.

What's new in a nutshell

  • 1.1 released 7/3/2019

    * 20 new members to this... ahem, a bit emotional family :)
    * 2 smileys have been improved
    * all paths inside a desktop font were polished

Now you can choose from 100+ icons, expressing various emotions and roles. These fit not only in chat applications, but they also work great for customer satisfaction questionnaires, surveys, as funny avatars or for any other place you want to enrich with emotions.

You should already have a notification with a download link in your inbox - if not, please check your spam folder. Also any previous download link you have will lead to the latest version.

If you have any trouble to get the latest version or have any suggestions for a new smiley, please contact me at:

Have fun with them!

Jan Kovařík

Jan Kovařík

Hi, I'm Jan, an independent graphic designer and author of GLYPHICONS icons. I spent most of my free time with icons and symbols you can see on The rest of my time I divide between my family, my cat, my dog and Aikido.