🌱 Spring is here, and with it come new icons in the Farm set v1.1! Check it out or read more on the blog.


Icon sets collections

The same license and benefits as if you bought any individual set, but with a reduced price as a thank you for buying multiple sets at once.




Get collection These three sets create a solid core, upon you can rely on in your daily work.

Icon sets inside




Get collection Extended selection of sets broadens your options when designing with icons.

Icon sets inside




Get collection A comprehensive collection of all currently available icon sets, with the most advantageous price.

Icon sets inside

Every set within a collection is available for separate download and comes with the same regular license as individual sets, including one-time payment, lifetime usage, and free updates. The key advantage of purchasing collections is the significantly better price for buying multiple sets at once. You may find more about collections on the blog. If you have any questions, feel free to to contact me.

All prices are shown without a tax. EU customers will be charged tax at checkout.

One license to rule them all

Fair and square deal. No subscriptions or hidden fees. The regular license comes automatically with every icon set or collection.
Features Regular license Check icon

The regular license is very benevolent, allowing you to use icons repeatedly across multiple projects. If you're ordering as a company, you can even lend icons to your officially contracted employees—how cool is that? If you still have any doubts or questions, please feel free to contact me.

One-time payment Check icon
Commercial or personal use Check icon
Use without attribution Check icon
One license per company Check icon
Lifetime license Check icon
Updates for free Check icon
Raster files Check icon
Vector files Check icon
Web search between icons Check icon
Web SVG tool Check icon

Icons that have your back

Great for mobile apps, websites, printed materials, you name it. They are built to truly last and be there for you, whenever you need them.

Commercial and personal use

Regular license covers the needs of customers of all sizes, with unlimited projects and users.

Fair lifetime license

No subscriptions or extra fees, simply download your files and use them as long as you want.

Consistent sets

This family holds together and icons in all sets are neatly balanced to work side by side.

Future updates included

Buy any icon set now and you will receive all its updates later, at no extra charge.


Used by the world's most famous brands, governmental agencies, and independent developers, since 2010.

Various file formats

From raster PNG files for iOS, to optimized vector SVGs for the web, ready for any type of project.

Made down to the last detail

Each icon is carefully aligned to the pixel grid and the more you zoom, the better they look.

Timeless shapes

All icons are made to withstand fleeting design trends and be easily recognized around the world.

Ready for virtually anything

Every set has sequentially named files, exported in many various formats, consistently organized in the same file structure.


Adobe Illustrator is industry-standard format. All icons in one Ai file, with sorted and correctly named layers.


Scalable Vector Graphics. Fast and easy to use. All icons in one file + each icon as a web-ready SVG file.


Portable Document Format containing vectors. All icons in one PDF file + each icon as a standalone file.


Encapsulated PostScript may be old-fashioned, but you can still count on it. All icons in one EPS file.


Portable Network Graphic is lossless bitmap image format. Each icon in default size in a separate file.

@2x PNG

PNG images in a double size. Scale Factor 2.0 for iOS or when you need to support High-Resolution Display.

@3x PNG

PNG images three times bigger than original. These are great for iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus and other devices with scale factor 3.0.

Try them for free

Avoid surprises and download the Contagion set or Arrows set for free, with a CC license.

Enhance your creations with text

A free addition to your icons. Small, bold font, designed to shine in compact spaces. Ideal for brief texts for your icons, symbols, signs, and illustrations.