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Humans set


People's silhouettes as a hybrid of traditional pictograms and modern icons. These simple stick figures can substitute for almost any written language and don't need to be translated. Made for all kinds of design, digital or printed, with extra details for convenient use in any size you need.
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woman icon
stretched icon

Copied as a glyph!



wheelchair icon

Copied as a glyph!


wheelchair symbolisainternational symbol of accessdisabledaccessibleparking spacehandicapped

Original wheelchair symbol can be downloaded on Wikipedia.

standing-hands-hips icon

Copied as a glyph!



pushing icon

Copied as a glyph!



pulling icon

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water-drinking-fountain icon

Copied as a glyph!


clean waterpotable watersafe waterfresh water

escalator-up icon

Copied as a glyph!


moving staircasemoving stairwayupupwards

escalator-down icon

Copied as a glyph!


moving staircasemoving stairwaydowndownwards

woman-compact icon

Copied as a glyph!



man-profile icon

Copied as a glyph!


standingprofileside view

water-childrens-pool icon

Copied as a glyph!


ballgameplaychildbabychildreninfantminorlittle kidchildhood

walking-elderly icon

Copied as a glyph!


agedolderold mansenior

helping-elderly icon

Copied as a glyph!


agedolderold mansenior

sitting-elderly icon

Copied as a glyph!


reserved seatagedolderold mansenior

Vector files

Adobe Illustrator is industry-standard format. All icons in one Ai file, with sorted and correctly named layers.

Scalable Vector Graphics, simple, fast and easy to use. All icons in one SVG file + each icon as a standalone file.

Portable Document Format containing vectors. All icons in one PDF file + each icon as a standalone file.

Encapsulated PostScript may be old-fashioned, but you can still count on it. All icons in one EPS file.

Raster files

Portable Network Graphic is lossless bitmap image format. Each icon in default size in a separate file.

@2x PNG
PNG images in a double size. Scale Factor 2.0 for iOS or when you need to support High-Resolution Display.

@3x PNG
PNG images three times bigger than original. These are great for iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus and other devices with scale factor 3.0.

Still not sure?

Commercial and personal use
Regular license covers a need for freelancers and companies, with unlimited projects and users.

Fair and transparent pricing
Simply pay once, download your files and use them as long as you want, with no hidden fees.

Various file formats
Thanks to vector files, they are fully scalable and easy to use, for all digital or printed design.

Made down to the last detail
Each icon is carefully aligned to the pixel grid and the more you zoom, the better they look.

Timeless shapes
Design trends come and go, but simplicity and comprehensibility will never go out of style.

Consistent sets
GLYPHICONS are neatly balanced to be as much consistent and interchangeable as possible.

Used by independent developers to governmental agencies and worldwide known brands.

Future updates included
Buy any GLYPHICONS set now and you will receive all new icons and updates for free later.

Version history

Current version
1.0 released 09. 12. 2019

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