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SVG tool

Free tool
  • Version:

    1.1 (updated 5. 8. 2021)

Quickly change the color or other attributes of individual SVG files from any GLYPHICONS set. You may upload up to 25 files at once. Its biggest benefit is, that unlike most of conventional desktop applications, it will carefuly change only selected SVG attributes and keep files originally optimized and lightweight.
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(this will remove numbers from file names, please keep the rest of file name same if possible)
(min-x, min-y, width, height)
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You may upload up to 25 SVG files at once. This tool is currently optimized and working only for GLYPHICONS individual SVG icons.

Now please change any SVG options above. Some changes will be visible in a real time, some after you confirm your changes with "Finish editing" button in top right corner.

Once you're finished with your SVG settings, please use "Finish editing" button in top right corner to get all your files in one ZIP file.

Some files don’t seem right! This tool is made to work only with original individual SVG files from any GLYPHICONS sets, any other files have been removed.

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When to use this tool instead of vector editor?

If you're getting ready SVG icons for your new project, you often need to change only their color or size, as all other visual attributes can be manipulated via external style sheet. Here are the biggest benefits of this tool.

File optimization
Individual SVG files are manually optimized, have a clean inside structure and thus a really small file size. That’s something you’re very likely to lose, when you try to re-export files from the conventional desktop vector editor. This tool can carefully update only the selected attributes and left the rest of the file unaffected.

Bulk editing
This tool is made especially for bulk editing of SVG icons, so you can upload a multiple SVGs at the time and change the appearance of all of them at once. The best thing is that you can even upload and edit SVG icons with different sizes at the same time.

Handiness and price
Don't use a sledgehammer to crack a nut! You don't need to buy and install pricey software, when all you need is to make some basic changes to your SVG icons. Upload them directly in your browser, change what you want and download them immediately back to your computer in one ZIP file.

If you’re eager for more details, there’s a blog post about SVG tools' first version.